Union Government led by PM Modi may have through and through rejected special status demand for Andhra Pradesh. Indeed, even Union Ministers in their cooperations with the media minced no words that special status to AP can’t be offered because of different lawful issues. However AP BJP is confronting gigantic issue as facing huge problem as it is experiencing the wrath of the people
It is realized that people of AP voted in favor of TDP-BJP consolidate accepting on the administration of Chandra Babu and Modi and that they would concede them Special status. However with the Union Government going back on its promise, state BJP is facing the wrath of the peple.. AP BJP is shocked by the agitations completed by the different groups for Special status.
Party leaders are making an effort not to fall into the trap of the resistance parties. BJP state facilitator Purighalla Raghuram said “Our Prime Minister’s motto is clear. He wants the overall development of Andhra Pradesh and the country, generation of employment for the youth, development of entrepreneurship among the rural youth through mudra bank loans, and better road, rail and port connectivity for AP, which will lead to more investments and industries, which will eventually generate employment.. He likewise included that 40 towns in AP incorporating Bheemavaram in West Godavari and Proddutur in Kadapa would get crores of cash by the Center under the AMRUT scheme.
He revealed “Youngsters need not worry about their future at all. With the kind of economic development the BJP government has envisioned for the state, there will be many jobs in the coming years. Everything isn’t possible overnight, it requires some serious energy. Prior it used to take years for an establishment to be up and pursuing the establishment stone was laid; yet now, new premier institutions sanctioned by the Centre are already functional .