Meghalaya Governor Shanmuganathan presented his acquiescence after Raj Bhavan workers has leveled lewd behavior affirmations against him.

He changed Raj Bhavan into Young Women Club. Workers have been embarrassed and were under serious worry since he assumed responsibility,’ they request. Around 98 Employees of Raj Bhavan sent an appeal to President Pranab Mukherjee, PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh looking for the expulsion of Shanmuganathan from Governor post.

They blamed Governor for trading off on the respect of Raj Bhavan as young women started entering it freely and the majority of the having direct access to his bedroom.A Woman who went to the prospective employee meet-up for a post in Raj Bhavan blamed Shanmuganathan for making progresses and acting in an offensive way.

While, A mark crusade looking for expulsion of Governor was started by Women Activists. Shanmuganathan was delegated as Meghalaya Governor in May 2015. He even graced the Republic Day festivities in Arunachal Pradesh a few days ago. As weight started mounting on him, He at long last surrendered to the post the previous evening.