Leader of the Trust Board of the Thirukoneswaram sanctuary trust Mr. Arul Subramaniam has turned into the late focus of the Government of Sri Lanka. Police are endeavoring to capture him. He is confronting police activity for playing out his obligations towards the holy rebuilding of the old Thirukoneswaram sanctuary. Siva Senai unequivocally censure this unjustifiable endeavor by the Government of Sri Lanka. Late history is packed with captures and embarrassments of Hindus in the Trincomalee District for the sake of archeological protection. Hindus are more worried than the Government is protecting their legacy. Nobody can scrutinize the genuineness and devotion of the trustees of different Hindu sanctuaries in Trincomalee locale. It is a shameless demonstration of a Government which unavoidably organizes the Buddhist religion to the drawback of the Hindu Population. Trincomalee locale Member of Parliament Mr. R. Sambanthan, who was himself a trustee of the Thirukoneswaram sanctuary, won’t endure this. Siva Senai requests that all proposed activities on Mr. Arul Subramaniam for playing out his religious obligations, be dropped forthwith. Give it a chance to be known to the Hindus everywhere throughout the world, that the state constantly annoys Hindus. Hindus are not living with wellbeing and security in Sri Lanka.