Sources from Madurai have expressed that while resisting the Supreme Court’s boycott and conquering substantial police nearness, supporters of jallikattu figured out how to direct the bull-subduing sport in different parts of Tamil Nadu, including Madurai, Tiruchy and Karur on Mattu Pongal day on Sunday.
The occasion was likewise held in a few sections of the State on Saturday. In the interim six bulls were given free access the field in Palamedu, one of the spots well known for the game in Madurai, where it is customarily held a day after Pongal.It was expressed that a substantial number of individuals, prevalently local people, and little gatherings of youthful members from close-by areas, started assembling close to the field since Sunday morning.
Dark banners had been raised over the town and shops were closed as a sign of challenge. The general population who accumulated raised trademarks denouncing the prohibition on the game and naming it as an assault on Tamil culture.Meanwhile, a gathering of villagers were given authorization by police to carrying six bulls connected with sanctuaries in the town close to the field to lead a conventional pooja. Despite the fact that a tremendous group of police was conveyed, with police work force escorting each of the six bulls, the creatures were let free, in a steady progression by the locals.
The bulls kept running for a couple of hundred meters in the field with the members running behind them. The police just saw the occasion vulnerably. Later, when addressing the journalists Vijayendra S. Bidari, Madurai locale Superintendent of Police, has said the circumstance was quickly brought under control and nobody was harmed and they will break down the video film. On the off chance that the bulls were let free purposefully, then those capable will be reserved.