Performing artist Rati Agnihotri and her alienated husband Anil Virvani were on Thursday booked for the theft of power worth Rs 49 lakh by the vigilance department of the BEST.
The on-screen character possesses a penthouse flat in Worli. On January 19, a vigilance department went to the level and found that the meter had been messed with. Two gaps had been bored into the new meter, which was backing off the perusing by 87 percent, as per R J Singh, Chief Vigilance Officer.
The two have been reserved under segment 135 of the Electricity Act. A BEST source told Mirror that an expected 17,76,547 kWh units of power were lost, bringing about a Rs 48,96,784 misfortune.
The robbery had been occurring since April 9, 2013. Agnihotri is accepted to be abroad.