They believe in that the change of government may also change the fate of them. Three of their major goals remained unfulfilled.

TDP’s top brass and Amaravati’s farmers may have been ecstatic with the exemption of cApital gains tax into the farmers who had pooled their lands for cApital city’s construction. Some of them are of the opinion that the Congress party at the center might fulfill their wishes.

Once again it has become a disAppointing and the disgusting annual financial and railway budget for the people of Ap. The BJP government hasn’t uttered a word of mouth on special status nor did it say a single word on special package either. And lastly, no budget allocations and no constructive decisions were taken for the backward areas such as Uttharandhra and Rayalaseema. However, rest of the Ap state went on lamenting with the budget announced by Arun Jaitley.

Vizag people were humiliated with no announcement on ‘Special Railway Zone’. But then, it  remains into do seen whether the political equations would go in their favour or not. People of Ap are now waiting for 2019’s general elections.