Andhra pradesh chiefg minister chandrababu naidu on thursday attacked ysr congress party leaders for their allegations on his latest visit to world monetary discussion board (wef) meeting in davos. talking to the clicking from vishakhapatnam, that is ready to host the second cii partnership summit on twenty seventh and twenty eighth january, babu took swipe at opposition leaders for creating disturbances to increase and development in country.

In response to the show of contemptible allegations made by way of ysrcp participants in opposition to babu’s overseas visits, he said “in my long political career, i fought with many experienced leaders like chenna reddy, vijayabhaskar reddy, indira gandhi, rajiv gandhi and ys rajashekara reddy. no one ever dared to question me or my dedication. but, the leaders in contemporary opposition are behaving in this type of shameful, filthy and irresponsible way that i am enormously depressed with their conduct. no matter all odds and obstructive-natured opposition, i will justify my position and serve the people of ap as a responsible leader.

Early on thursday, ysr birthday party members scoffed at tdp leader, “what number of industries did cm drive to ap via his 27 overseas trips till date? the ones trips have no longer even fetched a single industry and single task in andhra pradesh. for ‘jalsas’ and personal vacations, he’s losing the public fund by attaining no results.”the chief minister has strongly condemned those false allegations and shared an revel in from his current davos visit. “beneath the hazardously low temperatures (-20 celsius) and excessive blizzard in davos, a cabinet secretary rawat became injured critically after he regrettably slipped. now not understanding some thing approximately the efforts we are putting in, how can they accuse our go to as ‘holiday experience’ while we undertook it at a excessive hazard?”pointing at his detractors, he similarly introduced “we have to depart them unclothed underneath such situations.

Most effective then, the problems will get solved and it’ll set their mouths.” – reputedly, the funny comment by means of chandrababu has left media-human beings in splits.