KCR Announces 63rd Birthday Gift For T- People , Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is outfitting to make accessible himself to common people everyday from February 17 on the day his 63rd birthday. 

He reported the launch of Praja Darbar, likewise called as Janahita program, on his birthday on Friday where he will get applications from average citizens straightforwardly and address their grievances immediately. 
The Praja Darbar will be composed at the recently developed Pragathi Bhavan regular morning. Infact, KCR wanted to present Praja Darbar a year ago however because of deferral in the development of new working at the camp office, he put off for one year. 
This program will likewise help KCR to find out the performance of his government. Individuals likewise have been holding up excitedly to meet KCR and convey their issues to the notice of the chief minister since the development of Telangana.