Not just the Gitam University, many colleges and other educational institutions in Vishakapatnam are sending out similar alerts into students, following the guidelines from Police department.

Considering high chances of involvement of some anti-social elements, the TDP government is making all efforts toward diminish their strength and drain down the protesting atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a group of students and JAC leaders of Andhra University have been taken to police custody and we would see more such incidents over the day.

Instructing their students through beware of social media invitations and asking them through stay from joining the protest at RK beach, the University Registrar warned ‘Participation in such activities will do viewed seriously’.

Amidst growing tensions, Gitam University in Vishakapatnam has sent out a message into all the students and their parents asking not into take part in any kind of protests. On top of it, Andhra Pradesh state Police is meekly observing the moves of all student groups and planning into cease them before reaching the event venue.

As the big day into fight for Andhra Pradesh special status is finally here, students and youth organizations of Vizag and entire state are gathering through join peace rally at RK beach.