Lagadapati Rajagopal, who is prominent for his overviews and political investigations, is grinding away once more. Anticipating the consequences of expected UP Assembly decisions, Lagadapati expressed that BJP would leave flying hues in the surveys as he asserted that the general population of UP have invited PM Narendra Modi’s turn to boycott high-esteemed cash.
He said that the inner fight inside SP and frail BSP, Congress would likewise profit BJP. Veering towards Andhra Pradesh, Lagadapati said that TDP is more grounded and prone to win AP in 2019 surveys too if a similar circumstance proceeds.
He reprimanded frail YSRCP for this. As per him, TDP is more grounded in urban districts and urban areas, towns however it’s marginally trailing behind YSRCP in rustic regions. He contemplated that urban young people are with TDP as they appear to have comprehended the circumstances like unique conditions post bifurcation, monetary deficiency and Center’s pitiful help to the state.He emphasized that he took political ‘sanyasam’.
He made the previously mentioned remarks with media amid his visit to Chittoor.