He holds the obligations of the president of ‘Andhra Intellectual Forum’. In any case, then, spectators feel he is yet to feature his scholarly abilities. This is about Chalasani Srinivas we are discussing.
He is often found in TV channels’ level headed discussions and dialogs on different political issues.Especially, Chalasani was very dynamic amid Samaikyandhra development. It was asserted that Chalasani was one among the key people, who incited AP NGOs and let them fall back on inconclusive yearning strike for 70+ days.
Lamentably, the development wound up as a debacle with no productive outcome accomplished by the NGOs under the captaincy of leaders like Ashok Babu, Chalasani and others. In addition, the state government caused several crores of misfortune with the strike.
At that point CM N Kiran Kumar Reddy connected a shrewd procedure tossing fault on union clergymen and empowering the assembled AP development. Thus, he protected his position as a CM.Chalasani is presently affirmed to have been working for decision political gathering. At the point when resistance political gatherings raise their voices against the administration’s defects in organization, Chalasani abruptly comes into the photo and scrutinizes them.
Furthermore, today, he focused on Megastar Chiranjeevi and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. He griped that the super siblings aren’t disturbing for AP’s unique status. Amusingly, Chalasani hasn’t amplified his solidarity when Pawan Kalyan assembled three open meets looking for uncommon status.
In addition, Chalasani didn’t hold hands with Chiranjeevi and different leaders of resistance gatherings, when they were requesting extraordinary status. Despite the fact that, he specified the names of Mahesh and Balakrishna, it was perfectly clear that Chandrababu utilized Chalasani to target mega brothers. Is he worrying if the mega brothers would work together for 2019’s elections?