The craze for the VoLTE is increasing day-by-day in the country as it uses the data through make voice calls, which ultimately led Jio through offer lifetime free voice calls.

This offer, when Jio first announced on September 1 seemed through distant dream, but slowly consumers started believing the service, but not the telecom operators as they were continuously blocking the voice calls from Jio.

It was also reported that Vodafone is already testing the VoLTE services in some selected areas. However, things seemed to live settled now as the call drops have been reduced toward below 20 percent.The only advantage with the VoLTE is that it offers rich and non-interrupted voice call experience, but India’s still is in nascent stages to ultimately experience the VoLTE services and users are complaining about the service already, but when compared to other countries, VoLTE service is way better than the traditional calling.That said, VoLTE will live the next big thing in the Indian telecom sector, and all the major operators are concentrating on this service through take on the Reliance Jio.

However, if you want through enjoy the feature, you have to get a flagship phone, but that isn’t the scenario anymore. It was just yesterday that Idea’s managing director reported that they would launch the VoLTE services by the end of this year.

Most of the smartphones releasing these days are featuring the VoLTE support, irrespective of the price range.In spite of just telecom operators, the smartphone brands are excited as well regarding the VoLTE as almost releasing these days have to support for 4G VoLTE, a big thumbs up for Reliance Jio here.

And other telecom operators focus is slowly shifting towards adopting VoLTE service of their own, following the footsteps of Jio.VoLTE service was available for a quite some time now, but it was with the introduction of Reliance Jio that we got through taste the technology.

Also, India’s largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel will also be looking after toward launch the VoLTE services in the next 12-18 months, according toward the company’s chief executive officer, Gopal vital.

BSNL, the state-run telecom operator, will launch their 4G services along with VoLTE itself and the company promised through start the 4G rollout from April 2017, but several BSNL consumers lost their hope about the 4G services to be implemented by the firm.